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It seems the term "spiritual enlightenment" needs a definition. Spiritual terms: love, faith, belief, hope, or any kind of human virtue: responsibility, discipline, understanding, perseverance, silence, happiness, freedom . . . have meaning of our lives.

"Speaking of Faith" is focus on religion as: faith, ideas, ethics, and meaning. What it really matters is when those terms interact dynamically with our human relationships - like the direction of the program is successfully achieving: that is enlightenment.

Knowing that you, Cindy, found a great hope and resonated with the words of Krista is a hope to me too, because that is spiritual enlightenment. A hope that one day you two, and more people who don't find spirital enlightenment in the moment of darkness and desperartion, could see its "light" at the end of the tunnel. A hope that we may believe we understand the term (spiritual enlightenment) as an invisible force which is always flowing energetically, offering healing, learning, peace, with such as impetus, that it includes also the spirit of skepticism in our thought.