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Please, do not avoid the medication if you think you need it. What we should avoid is the "feeling" that we can't get any spiritual enlightenment in the middle of a crisis of depression.

The cruel meaning of taking prescribed anti-depresants for some people is that we are out of any spiritual reality. Nothing far from the truth - in my opinion: when we are in the throes of depression, we are having spiritual growth and envolvement even though we don't realize that in the moment of desperation. Our character makes a decision: to go with or without medication. Both are equally significant in our moral or spiritual connection. Both ways create a person's ability to experience and enjoy life.

Clinical depression is caused by a chemical imbalance, not a spiritual failure. Thus, taking medication is not a sign of weakness, lack of spiritual enligtenment, or avoiding problems. It is a sign of humanness that shows qualities as rationality or fallibility: a human act.

Medication, prayer, counseling, and meditation can have an amazing effect in our different kind of situations or changes in life. Only you can make the decision that is right for you.