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The Collapse of Everything.

Often we find a big gap between the real world and our vision of one ethical world. The troubled atmosphere we breathe in the planet today does not require a specific example to conclude the world is declining (Tuchman, 1987). Ethics is an eclectic model to overcome the chaos of judgment implied in every crisis. However, if we just mention the 2008 global economic turndown, it indeed pushes the ethical age to the forefront. Does the free market corrode moral character? (John Templeton Foundation, 2008). No. It corroborates what ethics means: human dynamics and relationships; nevertheless, ethics generally connotes doing the right thing. Hence, unethical behavior destroys our trust and dignity.

Every day “reality” impacts who we are and how we are living our lives. Is the real world what makes our lives, or do we work to shape that reality? Human consciousness and responsibility does not come from what is going on in the world, even though the real world is reflecting a lack of them today. These human ethical values come within each individual, regardless of any religious or non-religious setting. Happiness, freedom, and peace are not with us just because we have human rights, democracy, or a good job, but because they are inherent in our human dignity. This is a universal ethical principle which could help everyone to achieve those human ethical values that we can aspire to.