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I decided to take the time,(or is it make the time)to read this entry,and it is thought filled.A careful reading would take additional time and a communal reading more still.The old store keeper mentions :what God must know,mentions the enemies of the poor,ponders the profit motive,hopes for his son,I admire the honest examination his words reflect.
I chose to spend this because of a memory: I was traveling,hitch-hiking,one day,in Tatum ,Mew Mexico and was the guest in a way of a little girl that day. She had an angelic greeting,Hi .I was soon to be favored with my next ride, but meanwhile this little angel who said Hi,she provided me with a Sprite in a small plastic cup.I doubt she ran a store,or worried about this generous act.It suppose someone like Senor Gallegos helped make the encounter possible.