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I've listened to NPR for a considerable time and of course it speaks from a western point of view. And now you are talking about aid to Africa. Of course Africa needs aid after the Europeans colonized them and upset there cultures by foisting on them western religion and the western idea of economies to them. But just what are we going to AID them with. I truly hope that we ask the common folk what they need help with before we try to help them. When we help them will it really help them or upset the system that can be established if people are left to there own devices. I know if we are attempting to spring capitalism or deepen the capitalism they are saddled with now will surly not help them. Every aid package weather it is governmental or nongovernmental tacitly or actively brings a non-system that takes the wealth from the many and gives it the few. Which finally results in depression where the rich have gotten rich and the poor own nothing with very few in the middle. Trying to force others into a (non)system that attempts to make rich men richer for ever and ever read- fails to circulate the money, is not aid it's giving them dollars that they have to spend in the united states to get any benefit. Until we get control of our self and base our economic system on reason (provides a job and the basic necessities for every one) not fear and greed we cannot aid any one. Cuba by training people from nations around the world to be doctors that pledge to serve the poor is probably the most effective aid possible.