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This is possibly the best show I've heard thus far. As a sixteen year old who delights in philosophical and religious questioning I felt that a great deal of Robert Coles' insights held special meaning for me. I am currently the founder and head of a club at my high school called ETHOS which specifically seeks to discuss faith and religion. Some of Mr. Coles' discoveries and key points reminded me a great deal of the conversations I've had with my peers. I was also reminded of some of my own childhood experiences with spirituality. I remember that for a long time, maybe even three years, the thing which I prayed for night after night was to be endowed with magical powers. It wasn’t until my father told me when I was about seven that “God just doesn’t do things like that” that I gave up on my dreams to fly and conjure up chocolate pudding at will. Thanks to everyone at SOF for putting together yet another brilliant show!