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Thanks for this Rob. The show on Revenge and Forgiveness was wonderful - taking some unexpected slants on both topics, providing much food for thought. I'll be mulling over it.
There's something about dependence in a parent/child relationship that seems to make Forgiveness a thing as natural (and sometimes as difficult) as breathing.

The poem you quote is beautiful - Robyn Sarah is now on a "to be explored" list. It reminds me of one of Stewart Henderson's poems where he describes a woman who has begun the long process of self-acceptance and in some ways, self-forgiveness. He says:

'She, in turn, is becoming the impossible
a flower growing on an iceberg.
Even bees are now crossing the frozen ocean
such is the richness of her pollen
and love is making her boast into being'.

As always, congratulations on a very enriching programme.