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Ies- I have received many expressions of joy from my friends in UK over th results of the election here in the U.S. They are elated. Sadly I have only experienced feelings of gloom and doom from my American acquaintances. I am a white Episcopalian but tomorrow I think I would prefer to go to a black Baptist Church where I can share my enthusiasim and excitment. My daughter who is fiftyfour and a person with Downs syndrome and who lives with me was so happy on the eve of the election. We laughed and cried together.

Speaking of forgiveness - I had a warm experience the day of the election. After voting I was in a supermarket- I was wearing my little tag which noted I had voted and I saw a lovely elderly black lady who was also wearing " I have voted" label -our eyes met and we chatted happily. I remarked that I had been saddened by a friend's remark" I am not ready for a black President and that I was cross with her"- this dear soul remarked" Do not be angry with her- be patient and forgive her" I felt so blessed that I had been allowed to see forgiveness in action. After all the trials and tribulatins which this lady had been through she was still gracious and forgiving..If this lady can be so forgiving then surely I can be more understanding of my friend.