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That makes real sense Trent - I can imagine that it'd be a too-narrow focus to talk to an author in the midst of a tour.
A while back, there was an SOF blog post that asked listeners for their suggestions on programmes... here, utterly unrelated to your original post, are some suggestions of mine - I love the art of these peoples' words - but, like you mentioned just there, the question is whether they're talkers as well as writers. Funny how one can automatically assume that this would be the case - I'm guessing it's not always so. Anyway - here it is, the votes of the Belfast Jury:
Leonard Cohen - on Judaism, Buddhism, Poetry and Age.
Annie Dillard - on whatever she wants to talk about.
Mary Oliver - on whatever she has to say.
Walter Wangerin - on story.
James Alison - on human dignity, sexuality, scripture and Girard.
That's it (for now!) - I regularly imagine what questions I'd ask folk if I had the chance - it usually ends up in lengthy conversations, like the taxi-driver the other night, where we spoke about identity, peacewalls, violence and the grey space of belonging, sitting in the car outside my house.
Cheers Trent...