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I don't know how many people read this, but I'll put in my thoughts. This article was honest. I, too, once stood in a pro-life group holding signs. I chose to hold a sign that said, "God Heals and Forgives," scattered here and there among others that said "Abortion Kills." For a year I spent a few hours each week at a crisis pregancy center, offering encouragement and options to women who found themselves pregnant. It so transcended anyone's thoughts about abortion, this experience of offering hope and help to women at a vulnerable time of life. Maybe it was the small-town community, but very few were even interested in abortion...they just needed encouragement and some practical help at a very vulnerable time. And they were filled with sadness because in so many cases they had been emotionally and physically abandoned by the fathers of the new lives they now carried. I have a friend who continues this kind of volunteer work. She says now teenage girls "hook up" for sport and often have never loved or been emotionally close to the ones who fathered their children. I think we need to shelter our children from such callousness...teach them to link sex with love and commitment. Many of my friends refuse to vote for Obama because he is not opposed to abortion. At this point there is not much we can do to change the laws...we need to just look at the facts of science and the social needs around us. From conception it is a live human, by DNA definition, and it is growing, a miracle of life--but people have needs and problems and challenges related to bringing new life into the world. We need to help anyone who is pregnant. I just wish those who are impoverished in so many ways, and so young, would consider releasing for adoption as a choice more often.