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While I have not been to Oxford, I have been to many cities that have inhuman histories.
I sincerely hope that an illusion is not coming forth that America is much improved in the lessening of rascism and bigotry. A couple years ago the head of the national Republican party spoke to an NAACP national convention in Milwaukee and admitted the party used rascism to gain power. He then asked the crowd to get over that and join with the Republicans. Rascists and bigots are more organized than ever in America. Let us also keep in mind the "southern strategy" that was launched following the signing of the civil rights act. That strategy still damages America to this day.
Any town can put on a shallow but pretty face. The best similarity I can express is when a town doesn't want to be seen as having a homeless problem so they have the police hassle and push the homeless further and further into the shadows until the town appears like it doesn't have a homeless issue. The bigots and rascists might not be in Oxford but I would venture a guess that they are plentiful in the white suburbs surrounding Oxford.
Even among good and decent people, cognitive dissonance will prevent them from seeing tragic negatives in the community and country they dearly love.