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Google cognitive dissonance.

I in no way stereotyped the south or Oxford. If you reread my comments I mentioned that I had been to many cities. By that I meant all over America. I spent years as a construction manager and spent significant time in cities from coast to coast and north to south. I saw it in some of the workers on the jobsites and they were workers of all ages including some that are maybe in your enlightened generation. I also saw it in some businesses I would visit. Seldom do you see it out front and in the open.

When I was young I thought my generation would end racism and wars of control. Yet over the years as I interacted with more and more people of my generation I found that would not be the case.

As soon as times get tougher you will see racism come back in full bloom. Minorities being scapegoated for people losing jobs will increase.

Spending a relatively small amount of time in any city is not long enough to see beyond the face and certainly not enough to pronounce racism no longer existing there. That was my point.

Bottom line is we should never think that racism by any race is diminished to the point of no longer worthy of our acknowlegement or attention. Not in Oxford, Chicago, L.A. or New York.