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If possible would you add this addendum to my comment for the sake of peace?:

I want to be clear that I'm not in the least impugning the dignity of individuals who identify themselves with the good aspects of Islam. I only question whether they should continue to call themselves "Muslim" rather than return to the Judeo-Christian evidence. In other words, I only want them to return to the objective basis of their religion, which is the Judeo-Christian religion: namely Catholic Faith which is founded on historical facts, is unified, and has been constant in dogma and moral teaching (despite great human frailty and the growth of the seeds of doctrine). The moral difficulties of the Qur'an and Hadith stem from the fact that Muhammed was not a true prophet--though I think he saw something--since there is no adequate, objective evidence for his claim. Whereas the same cannot be said against Jesus, who is thoroughly attested as the Resurrected Messiah of the Jews and the Gentiles by normal historical standards (see Kreeft and Tacelli "Handbook") So, if W.D. Mohammed is promoting the search for objective religious truth and worship of the one true God among "Muslims"--as opposed to a blind, prejudiced trust in Muhammed's teachings and life-- then he indeed deserves great support. And I think that is awesome.