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I don't know you from Adam. I can only try to appeal to your highest and best self and recommend you read the book 'Muhammad' by Martin Lings. Your charges are completely false and do nothing to contribute to the common good. That isolated quote Sura 9:121 has historical context and can only be understood in that context. May I suggest that you sophisticate your stereotypes by informing yourself with knowledge and facts, while holding in check your outbursts which are unfortunately you obviously truly believe. I'm sure you will impress others of your ilk with your emotionality, but in the eyes of civilized knowledgable people you sound..... Even to those who don't subscribe to the tenets of Islam. Ms. Tippet is doing a marvelous work to broaden the the dialogue and foster better understanding between us all. What are you doing? I'm going to donate right now and I hope you, who seem to prefer a more myopic social dynamic and conversation, will do the same. Greeting you with the greeting of all the Prophets: Salaam, Shalom,