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So many thoughts - now after Sara Pallin - and how people are attracted to her because she is "like us". I was raised in a very closed Catholic ethnic community. I was discouraged from socializing with Catholics from other ethnic groups in my neighborhood. As far as I knew, everyone was a Catholic. We voted for people "like us" - but who is that really?
It happenned that I am gay - so are all gay people like me?
All white people? All Catholics? And now, for me, all Unitarian Universalists? no.
Can I vote for someone not "like me"? maybe not. But I certainly know that Barack Obama is more "like me" than John McCain. Although I am living with the very painful knowledge that Obama does not support gay marriage, at least not in public.
As we move into a larger world, if our eyes are open, if our hearts and minds are open, if we listen we can then start to understand that everyone is just a little "like us". I have found that in regards to racism, until I really look at myself as white, I will not understand racism. It is a continuous process in a racist country. We are all "the other" until we move closer. until then, I will not get beyond what appears to be the same or different to what is really the same or different about people.
Churches, and I use that word rather than religions, can unite or divide people. Sometimes intentionally so. I am afraid that right now the Catholic church in America is seeking to divide, to pull "her own" together in opposition to all "others". Too bad.