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Thanks for the post Krista - I'm looking forward to listening to the programme.

For me, there is something about Yoga that allows my body to be listened to - it is so easily ignored. When I manage to keep a regular routine of yoga going (there have been several stints interspersed by many roads with many good intentions), I find myself walking and being aware of my diaphragm rising and falling, being aware of my feet on the ground, being aware of my back and spine - and there seems to be something about care-for-self that comes with such awareness... A friend of mine used to talk about having an inner monologue between three distinct sisters within herself - and that by listening to these three sisters, she could become aware of her (sometimes conflicting) thoughts about her world... somehow Yoga seems to be about listening to a conversation coming from the body that is quiet, yet important.

And your mention of the sadness of the body is very real... there seems to be memory stored in our bones, in the muscles clenched in anger, or regret, or disappointment... and tending to these muscles releases the lament it seems - hopefully we can all listen with kindness and patience.

I can feel another attempt at yoga-regularity calling me...