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Hi Krista,
Your program is always so refreshing and interesting, it is no surprise to hear about yoga on SOF. I have been practicing for 8 years mostly meditation and in the past 3 years asana (physical) practice. Yoga gave me the tools to deal with so many aspects of life when I need outer courage, inner strength and patience.
Kate's experience is beautiful and I am glad to hear her articulate what sometimes has no words...I do believe there were some aspects not mentioned. Asana as part of the eight limbs of yoga was indeed a perfect practice. It was, an in some ways & place still is, an art form, art of the body. This is why the poses have animal or objects they are to resemble...Another aspect not mentioned is the original purpose of the vinyasa practice. The vinyasa flow sequence is grounded in 2 'sun salutaiton' sequences. Sun Salutations are practiced at sun rise along with prayer in India, as you can see it is originally a body prayer. In the book 'The Complete Book of Vinyasa Yoga', Srivatsa Ramaswami includes the original 'Sun Salutation' along with the Yogic prayer. The grandfather of modern yoga, Sri Krishnamacharya would modify the various prayers to his students when giving t hem a sequence and practice, he would read and extract from Jewish, Christian, and Muslim prayers.I was disappointed this was not discussed in the program, while Kate's experience is wonderful, the original sources were not discussed.