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Krista, I've been listening to your program for a long time, and downloading the podcasts for the past year or so (which is a wonderful convenience) but I haven't looked at the blog until now. Mostly because I've thought, "One more thing to keep me sitting at the computer... do I need that?!" But I had to see what you wrote about yoga... a practice I've become immersed in the past several years. Thank you so much for your insightful words. As usual, they've provided inspiration– especially the part about staying attuned to the transitions, in yoga and in life.

I also wanted to mention (I wrote to your producer about this in more detail) that my 30 year old son who has developmental disabilities has been having private yoga sessions once a week for the past year and we have seen some amazing transformations in him. New connections between his body and his mind are obviously being formed, and he is able to articulate feeling states in ways he has never been able to do before. He's calmer, too, with less anxiety. Some of the changes are subtle, but we can definitely see them, and it's thrilling. I encourage anyone with a person with disabilities in their life to explore opportunities for exposing them to yoga.