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I was very close with Edith Epstein, my Hatha Yoga Teacher, and took her teachers training course, and over the years have endeavored to share her teachings and relaxations.

I would like to share with you and your staff her favorite relaxation:

We both were fortunate to have the same Guru, Rammurti S. Mishra , MD. What was remarkable about Dr. Mishra, and you'll find his bio in the ,pdf file, is that he gave up his career in Medicine to teach Sanskrit, Meditation, and Yoga. In November 1983, he suffered a major stroke and a series of heart attacks, and lost the use of the right side of his body and the ability to speak. Yet in little over a year later he recovered his voice to the point where he could teach one or two classes a day, which he did until the day he left his physical form in Sept. of 1993. Edith Epstein left the next year. While yoga and meditation books are available to many people, not all have had personal instruction or have been in the presence and vibration of the author.

In May of 93, four months before he passed on, I video taped four nights of Guruji's programs that were given in Plantation , Florida and posted them on Google Video.

So far the Google stats in less than a year have reached over 40,000 views. He always taught us,'Enlightenment is your very nature'.
The videos have considerble instruction and chanting from Dr. Mishra. He called Sanskrit the "Science of Vibration". His chanting is healing and purifies the mind and chakras, and listening to them can be of immense benefit. Some of the best things in life are free and meant to be shared. This is also in the spirit of the Internet. Swami Naranda often said, "Sharing is Caring". So many people these days suffer from stress,depression, worry, fear,and anxiety.These videos are a good beginning as well as an oasis on the path.

I also have posted a series of videos on Crystal Healing with Fire Ceremony:

Crystal Healing heals the mind and body, as well as purifies the athmosphere, and is a prayer for World Peace.

I also posted a number sitar concerts from Master Sitarist Roop Verma, :

I certainly hope these links and content will be of benefit to your listeners.