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I found the interview with sean corne incredibly inspiring. it actually brought tears to my eyes. my entire life i've struggled to find a way to make peace with my poor body, which has borne the burden of years of abuse and neglect while i struggled to heal myself emotionally. for the last 5 years or so i have finally been looking for ways to heal my body also, and have been astonished at how ... punishing the options are. 'your body is your enemy' seems to be the consensus - especially if you are fat or unhealthy or both. (of course, most people believe it impossible to be healthy if you are fat ... hmmm....) the interview with sean corn was so amazing. krista, you are so incredible at honoring people's real voices. so amazing how you respect those voices and treat them without fear, no matter what they may believe. i'm also inspired by your journal entry here about your own experience with yoga. inspired enough that i just bought seane corn's dvd! thanks. shea