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i've had chronic pain for years, and the last straw -- the almost-constant migraine headaches -- dictated that i quit working as an RN. i got on disability, but i still had migraines, other pain, and almost no energy. i was desperate when one day i heard a woman on APM, who said yoga had literally changed her life. so i went to my first yoga class and came home more relaxed, yet more energetic, than i'd felt in years. now i go 3 times a week. it's been 6 weeks now and i'm feeling incredible. yes, i still hurt, but i'm learning to do what matthew talked about -- detach. some cherokee people call it entering the spirit mind and leaving the body mind. the class i attend is a beginner's class, it's called "gentle restorative". and, thanks to the wonderful discussion between matthew and krista, i'm becoming more aware of all of the "space" in my body, filling it with breath and life and energy. one day i cried through the entire class. (now i bring tissues.) i've lost weight and that's not even the most important part. i could go on and on, but suffice it to say i'm 52 years old and i feel reborn. i'm planning to start a blog about my yoga experiences. i love all "SOF" shows, but the interview with matthew touched my heart and helped my own yoga practice. to say "thanks" would be an understatement! now i keep you both in my prayers. bless you both, and all staff who helped bring this show about. (and yes, i'm buying matthew's book.)
cindy, RN