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I'm an older yogi but I go regularly to classes at Yoga Works ( where I see other people my age and older. Sure, I see the lithe, young bodies, too but most of the classes I've been to are pretty well mixed. I go to YW in Orange County and I know that they have LA locations, too. I would imagine the mix of people is similar there. And, if not, maybe it's an opportunity to focus inward rather than outward.

When I first started practicing yoga, I would regularly push myself too far with the inevitable result that I would strain a muscle or a tendon. I eventually learned my lesson and that rarely happens now. I try to stay focused on my own practice (inward) and accept where I'm at. Easy to say, I know, harder to do. Honestly, I do still compare myself with others but at least I don't usually push myself over the edge.

Hope this helps,