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Hey Mitch - I was thinking I'd throw my tuppence in, but they've been named - Ani Difranco, Denison Witmer... although Julie Lee does have a gorgeous song on her new EP called "forgive yourself" - i... as well as putting Emily Dickinson's poem "Hope's the thing with feathers" to a lovely, lazy, lullaby bluegrass melody.
I think Lisa Gerrard's "Non Clamor" captures the profundity and depth of emotion of any human impact, and "Streamside" which is a lovely joint venture between Sigur Rós and The Album Leaf feels somehow healing.
I'm glad you asked the question about music though - this ties in with my own work... Forgiveness discussion, not music. I run a programme in Belfast that puts educational resources on Forgiveness together - mostly for classroom curricular based programmes, but also for youth and adult groups - so I'll be scouring the other readers' suggestions.
I'm looking forward to the show. As always, a thousand goodnesses and thanks to the whole SoF team.