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Abrasive Wheels- Find Your Heart Lyrics

It's time for all religions
To live without division
It's our choice, hear out voice, scream until they listen
But there must be a way
We can live without hate
We don't have to fight for everything we've got
Is this the price you want to pay
Don't let the system tear us apart
Open your eyes and you'll find your heart
Be part of the cure and not the disease
'cause how can you bleed if you ain't got a heart

Footloose- Can you find it in your heart

Can you find it in your heart to forgive her?
Can you stop and see there's part of her that's trying to obey
While part of her is dying to run away?
Can't you hear what's she's trying to say?
Can you find it in your soul to accept her?
If she stumbles on your holy path do you have to reprimand?
Or are there ways to make her understand
Without using the back of your hand?