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Lord, give me your grace, today in the name of Jesus as I've released what my heart desires -- in heaven, and in earth. As, your WORD said, "As the rain cometh down to he mountain, so will your WORD, be.... it reaches my Seed, and it will force production!

If you are:
58 – 70 years old and at peace with God
Praying for a female hel;p - mate of the same age or younger (being sexual, and money is optional)
Loves all kinds of children (impaired)
Loves animals, except cats
A fisherman, handyman, a gardener, and a cook
A n ocean/ecology or the Green Earth-enthusiast
Wanting to live in the North of California (i.e., Trinidad, Humboldt counties)
Reading historical non-fictions
An emotional learner

My “Seed” is on the ground.
If you are any of these, even 8 out of 10 =
Then, water my “Seed”
Monday, September 01, 2008