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I agree the format was great and revealing, gave each individual an opportunity to answer fully.
I get the impression there aren't that many of us really looking to hear what people stand for. Knee-jerk Republican/Democrat sort of even-steven in my world.
People who like Obama found him nuanced and McCain to unreflected, too pat answered.
People who like McCain valued forthright, clear answers, and found Obama too waffly.
In the middle...still looking to see who has some real answers for the economy, still getting disappointed by an impression that for (necessary?) political expediency two people who started as unique, pragmatic, not-out-of-the-mold politicians look more and more like same-old, same-old each passing day.
If people of faith stick to rigid views, it wasn't Rick Warren's fault--he provided a good opportunity for all of us to be thoughtful about our values and how to live them out.