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I watched the Forum Krista with keen interest and was profoundly saddened by what I witnessed. I had hoped for a real peak into the authenticity of the characters of Obama & McCain. Although I feel that Obama did a better job of that, I feared the risk he took would be turned against him. I feel McCain did not give us any insight but more pandered to the crowd. I am a 'progressive Christian' with a family full of 'evangelicals' so I know first hand how the misconceptions we can have of one another is the biggest barrier to mutual respect and understanding. I agree that the coverage of the Saddleback event was NOT helpful. I searched for enlightening comments on the forum in news & on the web and came up empty handed. Getting your email today gave me hope that there are people like you, who I admire and respect, that will continue to call people to stretch beyond their limited beliefs and learn to listen and speak in a way that promotes healing for all.