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I believe that forum was one of the better ideas that's come along in decades. It' s easy to poke fun at Rick Warren because he and his wife had a good idea, did their homework, were successful and hence, resented. Which of the press 'pundits' wouldn't want 35 million of their books on a bedside table?

This morning I saw a story on CNN about Barack Obama's cold....

I live in New Hampshire where we are blessed to be able to take the measure of a candidate from a few feet away. Rick Warren's approach was extremely helpful in getting closer to these two men.

It is really too bad that some (most) of the more accessible press feels the need to give short shrift to evangelicals. Yes, it would be called bigotry under the circumstances you describe. At best, it's snobby and rude.

I'd be interested in how many people watched the forum.

Thanks for your thoughts.

George Cleveland