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I was disappointed in our newspapers reporting of the event. The only reference was on the Opinion page in which a cartoon was posted with Rick in the middle with his arms around a caracature of both Obama and McCain. Obama is seen saying "Gotta convince these people that I'm not Muslim". McCain is seen saying "Gotta convince these people that Obama's Muslim. Rick Warren in the middle is seen saying. "Gotta convince these people that I'm Bigger than the Pope!"

I am saddened by this caracature. Cartoons are meant to strike at some level of truth. I think the cartoon struck at some level of how the cartoonist and newspaper media doesnt get it. I thought the debate even with its short comings had a good level of fresh authenticity.

I am not a huge Warren fan but even the caricature of megachurch term used only with evangelicals isnt accurate. Many Catholic churches could fit the category of megachurches if based on size. You are so right in your blog. I personally think you would do a great job of hosting the forum. Thank you for seeing others who want to engage people around themes of faith. That debate has created more differing opinions and conversations in our church than any other campaign and civil conversations. Thank you for speaking out about faith