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I thought the event was insightful; that we got to experience an extended conversation with the candidates. They both articulated who they are very well. I didn't see it as a "contest" and was disspointed that commentators evaluated them as if they were debating.

This event showcased two styles of discourse. I support and respect Obama because he has elevated what is said in the public square. He doesn't speak in tidy sound bites but is able to communicate complex ideas in ways that engages me. It grieves me that so many see this as tedious or overly nuanced. Don't Americans get offended when the popular press criticizes a candidate for taking time to give a thoughtful answer?

Rick Warren said 2 things on Larry King that should frame some of the remarks. He said the audience was made up of an even distribution of Democrats and Republicans. And in listening to the sound track, he said the applause was pretty evenly distributed between the 2 candidates. You wouldn't know that from the reporting.