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Judging from the number of comments I would say your audience isn't too moved by this subject. The problem I have with evangelicals is stated by definition:

emphasizing salvation by faith in the atoning death of Jesus Christ through personal conversion, the authority of Scripture, and the importance of preaching as contrasted with ritual

1 : to preach the gospel to
2 : to convert to Christianity
intransitive verb
: to preach the gospel

Anyone or anything that offers a final solution draws my captious eye. The marketing quagmire we live in today, the snake who eats his own tail, is a product of the science of managing large groups. That science was perfected by the church and carried forward by the corporation. The work of herding should be left to the shepherd of sheep, not man.

I wonder what Thomas Jefferson or James Madison or Thomas Paine would have said about such a gathering.

Krista, I admire your work very much. In fact, I admire your work so much that I have sent you money(albeit a small amount) and will in the future.

I shall leave you with one of my favorite quotes:

Thou shalt know by experience how salt the savor is of other's bread, and how sad a path it is to climb and descend another's stairs. ~Paradiso (XVII,58) Dante Alighieri

Keep up the good work,