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I'm still not sure how I feel about it having been in a church? Whether it actually does or nor, it feels to me like it blurs the line between church and state. I'd have been fine with Warren moderating in a nearby civic center or public auditorium. As noted by someone else in this chain, I was disappointed with a couple of questions. In the TIME magazine article prior to the event, Warren said he would not focus on sin issues like abortion and gay marriage, he would focus on uniting issues. Unfortunately, abortion and gay marriage came up very directly even though the questions were worded carefully different.
For me, it appeared that Obama and McCain took completely different approaches to the evening. Obama struck me as thoughtful, honest, avoided taking over the interview with "talking points" and appeared to be having an intimate conversation with Warren. McCain, once he got comfortable, didn't appear to be having an intimate conversation anymore. He directed his answers toward the audience and his responses drifted more toward a rally speech with stories and specific points he wanted to make. The audience definitely responded more favorably to McCain but I imagined that would be the case no matter what he said.