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Please consider developing a program on religion and the media, inviting several of the NPR journalists who under-report or deride religion into a conversation with you about the roles of religion and media and what underlies the conflict. Some of my hunches:
that the media has become a sermonic center in the culture, overtaking, since 1950s, the importance of the weekly sermon in discerning the culture. Some reporters must feel that Rick Warren is usurping their role, and may be offended by this, hence the derision.
that evangelicals make secular and mainline (I am one of these) people uneasy, in part, because they take their faith so seriously. They don't just attend church, they are seeking to become transformed people who are joined together in a better life, and the questions they ask of candidates emerge from that desire. This is scarily not individual enough for many Americans. And it is scary because there has been and is some dangerous group-thinking in our history, and there are some pretty frightening pastors out there. But Rick Warren is not a fear-monger, and it doesn't take long to figure that out.
I listen to NPR every day, and am a pastor myself (UCC), and think it is a shame that NPR doesn't do more to bring the conversation of faiths into the telling of the American story. Thanks for all you do -