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I am frustrated by the comments about inappropriateness of the Saddleback forum. Ostensibly this is about "separation of church and state" but "no religious test" is talking about eligibility to be a candidate, not how people respond to the candidates. Each voter is left to use whatever criteria they see fit in voting for a candidate. If someone decides it should be height, alphabetical order or they just close their eyes and randomly mark their ballot, that is their choice, their right.

I am a scientist--if I ran for office, I would certainly talk to scientists--I relate to them easily, I can more readily communicate who I am and build trust with this population because we start with some common ground/experiences. No one would judge me for this, in fact it would appear a smart move talking to "my base".

I am also a person of faith, wouldn't I also talk to people who share this common ground?

Now if I didn't speak to anyone but those who identify primarily as scientists and people of faith, I probably would not win my election because I am not speaking to all of my potential constituents.

Obama and McCain are both people of faith. But this is not the only venue where they speak. They know very well to speak to everyone --they want all the voters they can get.

I think the Saddleback forum was revealing about the candidates. I thought Obama was great and McCain was a stump speech.

This is just one way to get to know the candidates. Don't blame the messenger just because you don't like the message. Instead go to/watch/read about one of the thousands of campaign events/ads/literature pieces/commentaries that both candidates will participate in now until November.