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I listened to the broadcast. Rick Warren asked a legal question about when civil rights begin, when he knows there is no answer in law or any court in U.S. History. Obama tried to give a careful answer. McCain proclaimed a theological dogma. It was the asymmatry of the answers that was most disturbing about the evening, and Rick Warren had the responsibility to call that to the audience's attention. He failed to do that.
Further, Obama used Matthew 25 to portray his central Christian belief. Some clapped for that. But the crowd cheered far more loudly when McCain advocated his strong anti-conscience position. I guess that was because of all the things Jesus said aganist abortion! Warren did not point any of this out. I am sure he has read the scriptures and lives by his interpretation of them, but to hold up the issue of abortion as the one non-negotiable issue in an election is an abomination. It rejects the centrality of justice and love in the gospels, and mocks the conscience of a majority of Americans.