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I would have admired the event more if Warren had asked exactly the same questions of each candidate. He didn't. Not exactly. Why not?

I would have admired the event more if Warren hadn't nodded his head in affirmation almost constantly with McCain.

Many of the questions were interesting. One was appalling. I write this from Berlin, a place you understand well I assume. "Evil" does it exist? Can you imagine a Merkel or a Sarkozy or even a Kennedy dealing with such a question?

Much better would be, "Define evil." That makes sense.
To me, and most Germans around me, this is a great example of the "dumbiing down" of America.

I generally "liked" Warren. He is obviously very intelligent and warm hearted and I was glad that he brought the two candidates together.

It's interesting though that you were angered by the lack of coverage by the NY Times, etc. I am surprised if this is true. How about those "pundits" who criticized Obama for his taking time
to answer the questions, sometimes showing real "thinking" as he tried to grapple with some strange questions. Obama thought...McCain gave his pat stuff. That angered me.