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I had an interesting dialog with 2 of my twenty-something sons. They saw McCain as talking to the camera and giving routine militaristic answers and stump speech soundbites (and 'old' looking' - being now 58 myself - I wasn't tuned into that!) while OBama was more personal and nuanced. I respect Rick Warren for attempting to use his influence to attempt a better dialog but sensed he fell into a standard line of quesitioning that somewhat appeased the more traditional 'religious right'. Even at that he gets criticism from some because he's gotten BACK to a more wholisic gospel that includes more than 2 issues. Someone like BilI Hybels of Willow Creek Church in Chicago would have done a better interviewing job. I agree that much of the press is still clueless about the breadth of the evangelical church and acts like it's a new thing that we care about the poor and oppressed. Evangelicals lead the way in compassionate ACTION and GIVING. And there IS a rapidly emerging part of the church today - especially younger evangelicals - that is very comfortable rejecting the old labels (even to the point of throwing off the corrupted word, 'evangelical') and care more about getting back to Jesus' simple and profound mission of "Love God...Love your neighbor." The Forum was I believe a positive sign that the "Public Square" is less "naked" of spiritual life than a few decades ago. And for that I say, 'Amen!'