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I am a fellow Oklahoman. I left my church upbringing in high school as I did not see that it was relevant to my daily life. During my college years I started searching for purpose and meaing in life. This journey eventually led me to became a Christ-follower. For the past 20 years I have had the privilege of having a ministry to and with university professors in Oklahoma and Arkansas.

I recently caught your program with Sir John Polkinghorne and I have been hooked since that program. I have also read your book. I admire the way you are able to inteview people of different faith backgrounds with dignity and respect. I also love the way you create dialogue through the use of questions so that your audience feels as if they are there with you in the studio.

I also listened to the Saddleback program and found it refreshing. The novel idea of asking the same questions for each candidate, without debate, allowed the audience to glean insights into each candidate's life, faith, and vision for America.

Gary H.