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I listened carefully to both interviews and thought both candidates did reasonably well, except I don't agree with either of them on all issues....probably just like MOST Americans! The day after the interviews, I personally heard Rick Warren state that he gave BOTH candidates some of the questions several days ahead of time, such as to name their three most trusted "advisors" - AND he also told them the general topics he would be touching on.

I would have preferred fewer questions that could elicit "pat" answers and more "big picture" questions of morality and ethics that would have allowed both candidates to express their take on living a purpose-driven life! Since the interviewer was a clergyman and the venue was his own church, the questions SHOULD have been deeper in scope.

I actually thought the toughest question was "define rich"! As far as I'm concerned neither answer was adequate, but the worst answer of the evening was Obama's flip response "That's above my pay scale" to when life begins. (No, I adamantly do NOT believe "life begins at conception.")