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I found the show with Tolle, interesting, mostly because what he is saying is resonating in many persons sense of the spiritual within them today but not being able to name it. The fact that he is a best selling writer allows me to see that what he is offering in his thoughts makie people buy his work, so he must be hitting a cord in the current society.

However, What he is saying is not new, perhaps more clarified but not "new".This leads me to think that if he is not saying a new idea, it is more about the language it is being placed in. that allows us to think it new The greatest problem with Christianity, its not its message( simular to much of what Tolle says, by the way) however, it is the language and the pathway that Tolle uses that is comforting to the people who read him. The Now is part of the sustained universal of the creator God, for God there is no time, and if we are fully alive, and although we move through time, we are constantly sustained and loved by God who is eternal. Note my nineteenth century vocabulary to say this.

Tolle is about language not theology.