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While Tolle understands the personal part of the spiritual journey, his responses to Christa's questions regarding issues of social justice fell flat. True, those who struggle with survival do not have “happiness” on their radar screen. However, because they are connected to each of us and truly human, those who risk starvation (the Global South) deserve our attention and resources. Like us, they deserve a chance to to share their talents too. Tolle never mentions this. It is not enough that we are each transformed on the inside. Inequalities are built into our political and governmental structures, our religious and educational institutions and laws. Laws need to be changed. People need to be educated. I do not know if Tolle is educated on issues of social justice (he doesn’t speak about it) but I do know this: spirituality that remains personal & private will not get us where we need to go – which is caring for those with no voice, those who are hungry, those at risk. This is more than any individual. This requires a community, life-long committment and education.