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I have found that the lessons taught through A New Earth and the webinar continue to stay with me as I muck about in every day life. I remind myself that the present is really all any of us has, which is not to say ignore the future or past, rather don't lose yourself in something that doesn't exist and don't lose the moment you are in, or that is within you. I find myself de-stressing quickly by bringing myself back to the moment and finding things for which to be grateful. His teachings are very simple yet they are deeply profound. The book and webinar really pulled together many of the "philosophies" I have been investigating and thinking about, making them easier to understand and practice. Hopefully, through my internal peacefulness and calm, I can help others to move to a better state of mind and being. Working in a middle school, this is crucial. It enables me, and others to reach out and right some of the wrongs around us, and help those less fortunate. By being centered myself, I can center others.