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What difference does it make to call Tolle’s teachings anything?

Whether we call them therapy, counseling mixed with Buddhism, faith, spiritual practice or exercise does not really matter. If the truth of the Presence that he speaks of, and that some of us might have glimpsed at some moment in our lives, is of such incomprehensible vastness, of such isness, if the Now is the only moment we will ever have then all teachings, all self development systems must surely teach the same principles; the paths maybe different but the same door is open to all. Perhaps that is the reason that those of us who are hungry, poor, in the midst of war or disaster desperately need the work of people like Eckart Tolle. Nothing happens that is not first an idea and an idea propelled with the power and energy obtained through our tapping into this higher consciousness -this potential for creation to which we are all connected- surely will bring change faster than any left brained action. We must practice these techings to bring about the changes we want to see in our lives thus affecting the lives of others. Like an avalanche, in this last two hundred years it is our intellect that has brought us to this crucial moment in history. There must be a reason that many teachers, more or less enlightened, are appearing now. Whether we are ready, less ready or not ready at all we need them because they speak to us where we are. Even scientist are acknowledging the Truth that is being presented to us with such simple clarity in the teachings of Eckart Tolle.

There’s a story I heard about many years ago that seems to the point and that I’d like to share:
There was an older man in his death bed reflecting about his life. He had wanted to change the world but finding it was such an enormous task he had settled for changing his country. That turn to be just as enormous a task as changing the world so he put all his efforts in just changing the small town where had lived all his life. Seeing that through his efforts he wasn’t even able to bring change to his town he resolved to focus on changing his family. Now old and sick, in a moment of insight he realizes that the only thing he could have changed was himself and by his example he could have changed his family and in turn they could have changed the town. Empowered by these changes the town in turn could have changed the country and with its influence his country could have changed the world.

Ergo, we are never to old to embrace change, to face ourselves and recognize that we are more than what we think or do. More than our suffering, our success or lack of success. This is what for me these teachings are about.