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Hi Chagri, thanks for replying to my reply! Yes, this is a problem with e-mail forums. It's nearly impossible to read tone or intention. Sincere apologies if I ascribed feelings and intentions to you that are not reflective of who you really are. Perhaps MY pain body was acting up! :-)

But to the discussion, I understand your point about his not addressing the social justice issue directly. Two things come to mind for me, however. One is that in a way he does address it, albeit indirectly, by saying (perhaps implying would be a better word) that whatever one does, in whatever sphere one is acting, all the way from on the ground in relief efforts up to attempting to write just and fair legislation, one must NOT be acting from the stream of compulsive thinking and identification with that thought that is really the basic cause of all the social injustice in the first place. If humanity lived more fully in the spiritual dimension -- which is in fact where we DO reside when not falsely identified with the conditioned mind -- these problems wouldn't even exist. And number two is that perhaps it's just not his job to tackle social injustice directly. There are plenty of good people called to do that, and God bless them for it! But if we were all working in the same areas we wouldn't be able to do a very thorough job. Someone needs to be stationed at the deeper levels, so to speak, to make sure that we're headed in the right direction and not just causing more problems by further polarising the situation. Believe me in my life I've met plenty of angry activists for peace and justice. Activism undertaken from that mindset does not produce the intended result.

The short version of this long winded post is really just this: social structures won't change until people change. And conversely, any social change created from the same old mindset will quickly become exactly like that which it supplanted. This is human history. Tolle points directly at this source-problem and therefore, in my opinion, is the most direct type of agent for the most essential change the world needs.

I hope that answers and I welcome further comment!