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Bonjour! I am just back from teaching in France for five weeks, where I observed the wonderful 'inclusion' of animals, especially dogs, in all venues!
I have been researching the animal-human bond for over two years now. I will be happy to share my review of the literature and many stories I am collecting. I have recently been awarded a grant to work with a colleague, a veterinarian here at my university. I have a certified therapy dog who works in schools and libraries as children read to her; she also works in assisted living centers, nursing homes and hospitals. It is VERY interesting. Currently, I am working with the Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice and youth with retired greyhounds. I provide writing workshops and am in the process of writing a book on the changes over time that the presence of the dogs with these girls who are training them to become pets. The name of the project is aptly: " A second chance at life and learning". It's a second chance for the girls, and the dogs. I am thrilled to find this interest with SOF!