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OK, more!

After writing this post, I went on the LEGO website and saw the LEGO Star Destroyer on sale, albeit it is still $200. It's ginormous, and something about that just seems so tempting, but I fear that carrying that home on the bus will make me seem like an uber-dweeb. Besides, the $500 Millennium Falcon is so much cooler.

In any case, this whole child-like wonder thing sure is expensive. I also have no idea where I would put said Star Destroyer in my apartment. (Maybe that would give me an excuse to clean up the dining table I never eat on.) I wonder if I should get back into drawing, too, since for years and years and years that was one of my favorite things to do. I do have this desire to make a graphic novel some day, but there's something too purposeful about drawing. LEGO, playing with all those blocks, it's all so much simpler. Until then, I have my LEGO Obi-Wan and Darth Vader and Chewie at my desk at work...

Do you have fond memories with LEGO?