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True sustainability would require a complete cultural shift. A lot of what we talk about these days is sadly elitist -- but only because of our current cultural set up. There was a time when this is just how people existed.

But -- the truth is that people have for centuries imported good unavailable where they lived. The key is get what you can locally and consider what you can actually live without.

That's really the key to me. Our current culture doesn't accept limitations. Boundaries are bad. But sometimes containers just help us to realize what we have. So while I may be technically able to get raspberries in December that are flown in from South America (and are now flavorless), do I really want to eat them. Can I accept that this is something that I only get to have during a few months of the summer? For me the answer is a big yes.

I can't get locally grown Vanilla beans under any circumstance, so I chose to purchase imported goods. Kiwis? Not really a native fruit -- nor is it an every day purchase.

Food should be fun. Eating should be fun. It's something we need to do to exist and it's a wonderful gift that this necessity is fun!