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For more than 3 years I have worked for an organic farmer at various markets in Maryland. Two of those years I worked in Baltimore. A fair number of women who were in the food stamps program (WIC) would buy their greens from us. These women who would readily sign over their coupons even when there were plenty of other less expensive vegetable options for them at the market; they knew quality when they saw it. Because WIC coupons can only be spent in $3 increments without change refunded, the owner of the farm would price certain greens at $1.50 a piece so they could buy a couple of bunches of whatever they preferred.

I do my part, especially when it comes to public transportation and eating locally. And, I would not say it’s an excitement I get from doing this, its bare-bones facts; eating locally tastes better and it helps support those nearby. I do, however, think we won’t achieve a good balance in taking care of our environment until those with lots give some to those who have little.