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Is sustainability sustainable ? Yes, it is, on a miniature basis. So ... okay, I live in South Florida, and I can garden to my heart's content from October through March - but then again, I cannot during the oppressively hot summer months. But yes, I can grow the best tasting tomatoes which put the local supermarket ones to shame, and freeze the sauce I make. Is it enough, as in the case of Ms. Kingsolver, to feed my family for several months - well, no.

BUT: it is the little drops that wear down the stone (or something like that), and if we all make just a few changes in our lifestyles, then, yes, sustainability becomes sustainable.

Here's the rub: It took nearly 8 years of my life to make it through graduate school and become a college teacher - will I stay home and can instead of teaching classes ? Heck, no ! I remember my grandmother in Germany growing, harvesting, canning (with all of her 12 grandchildren's help, by the way !) during the summer. Yes, her basement looked awesome, and the fruit over ice cream for Christmas cannot be replicated. BUT: that is all she was doing - and I cannot, and will not, give up my academic job to do this.

Then again - Kingsolver's book was an absolute, total delight. I have read it four times by now, and still underline things that I previously overlooked for underlining. It is great fun to listen to her turkey girl story, and many, many things I can identify with, feel, laugh at, etc., etc.

What I am doing, though, is that I have joined my college's green committee, that I recycle religiously, that I have become more of a minimalist in my life. No more plastic bags - brown bags are cheaper, and do just fine.

So it is in the little things that we can make a difference.

HOWEVER - I also have to say that to try to get my 16-year old daughter interested in ANYTHING Ms. Kingsolver has to say would be like trying to teach our new puppy Terrier to obey. And yes, it is a lot easier if you have access to land, and a ready-made farm, and (I assume) the necessary income to do as she did. I do not have this kind of material cushion, nor the luxury to spend as many hours in my small raised garden plot as I would like to.

Love her book, nonetheless