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I work in sustainability communications and have recently been told by a client that employees were manifesting signs of green fatigue. Wanting to research this, I have just fallen upon your blog and found it very interesting.

My perception as a communications professional working in sustainable development is that green fatigue is entirely anchored in perception and not reality. The regular person's life hasn't really changed in recent years. What is new, however, is the guilt factor many are starting to feel because the sustainability message is out there in a big way and the trivial changes seem too trivial to bother with and the big changes seem too big to undertake. Hence increasing feelings of powerlessness in the face of growing scrutiny.

What my clients' employees need are top ten instructions of what to do on a daily basis at work, what impact those actions will have and regular updates on how the organization is doing. Add simple training on how to quickly determine the environmental impact of their programs and operations to help consider solutions and you have the beginnings of an anti-green fatigue recipe. Maybe :)